Friday, April 11, 2014

Holed on. You're Glocking my view. Don't do death.

A keyhole in a door is a hole in which you put a key in to unlock a lock. There are various ways to unlock a lock. You can use the aforementioned key that fits the keyhole hole and it will open the lock. You can wait for someone to open the lock – run down the clock. You can force it – bust a cap in his ass with a Glock.

Glock is one of leading manufacturares of examples of one of representatives of the small arms branch of weaponry which is a pistol. Weapons, not only pistols, are dangerous. They are designed to inflict various types of damage. They can cause pain, suffering and even death.

Death is the end of a human life. Life is life. It starts when you are extremely young. Young to a ridiculous degree. If you were any younger than at the beginning of your life, you would not be alive at that moment in time. Life ends with death. Death is something that life ends with.

There are many ways to die. Before dying it would be very considerate of you to conduct extensive research and choose the most appropriate and suitable option. Remember you only die once, as they say, so be advised not to fuck it up. You only get one shot at this, one opportunity, unless you fuck it up and you have to try all over again. It is considered by many educated people that those who fuck up their death should be shot to death or at least killed. 


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    1. I like to think of myself as a young Sean Punnery who is sailing across the Punsific Ocean wearing a Pun Solo outfit while making food on a frying pun and humming Pun Floyd songs.

      Thanks for reading, Kiprai, means a lot!