Friday, April 11, 2014

Better times (1)

There was a time when everything was great. Wild animals ruled the cities and we lived in forests and deserts. There were free blowjobs and painless deaths. We used to surf on sound waves and swim in sun beams. There was no war, no peace and no no. It was only yes. Yes, I remember. My memories of the past reach as far as my memory can remember memories.

Wind used to sing us songs about happiness and joy. There was plenty of happiness and joy so the wind had a lot to sing about. It had a very good voice. We did not know how the wind wound up with it. It was a gift. We did not question it; we embraced it. It made our lives swerve left and right, up and down on a stave of time and so we were creating a beautiful song. Together and apart. It felt like we were jumping from notes to notes like monkeys jump from branch to branch. 

Rain used to not rain. It was held in such high regard that a rain meeting ground was something truly terrible and frightening. It was sacrilege. We felt ashamed. So we made it our priority not to let the droplets drop. We suspended them mid-air with the collective force of mind waves. It was not always easy. It required a lot of mental strength. Sometimes it was exhausting. But it was worth it. 

Snow used to snow all year. It used to never snow. It snowed if you wanted it to and it did not if you did not want it to. How did that work? We did not know. Nobody knows snow. Snowflakes liked to land on lakes and mountains and trees. They loved being looked at in awe. Snow used to smile at us with its white smile and made us more relaxed, more chilled out. I miss snow. It was inspiring. 

Sun… Sun used to shine in many colors. It used to shine a bright shine unlike the shine of moon. It gave us warmth and shed light upon our paths. We did not wander into unknown: visibility was perfect. It was the opposite of pitch black. It was pitch white. It was pitch yellow, blue, red, green, purple and orange. It was pitch amazing. It was overwhelming. Indescribeable. Irreplaceable. Intimate in its relations with every one of us.

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