Sunday, April 13, 2014

Genuine Investigator (1)

Genuine Investigator Season Two Excerpts, Part One
Starring: Det. Matthews, Det. Barkley

Matthews: “I’ve never seen anything like this, Barkley.”
Barkley: “I’ve seen something worse during my days back in the Chicago PD.”
M: “Yeah? How so? What was it?”
B: “Some teenagers got caught under a train that flew off the bridge.”
M: “Grim.”
B: “Yeah.”
B: “Well, what leads do we have? What are we thinking?” 
M: “I don’t know what you’re thinking, Barkley, but I’m pretty sure the world’s fucked up. We’ve got the evidence of that. Plenty of it.”
B: “Truer words never spoken. Well, there probably were truer words spoken before but I said that to indicate my agreement with your statement.”
M: “You’re a complicated fella.”
M: “Are you sure this is the place? This warehouse looks like any other warehouse.”
B: “That’s the point, Matthews. Camouflage.”
M: “Smart.”
B: “Okay. We got something here. Ready to go to the Chief with it? I say it could use some more seasoning and cooking.”
M: “I’m not a good cook, Barkley. Let’s go.”
M: “There’s more than one of them.”
B: “There are at least two of them.”
M: “That’s what I said.”
M: “Did you run down the plates?”
B: “Not yet. I was too busy marveling at the meticulousness of the crime. It’s like a piece of art and the authors aren’t understood.”
M: “Oh I understand them alright. 'We’re fucked up fucks' they’re saying.”
B: “Did you get him?”
M: “I think I hit his arm!”
B: “That was close. Let’s try to find the blood trail. He couldn’t get that far.”
M: “What’s on your mind, Barkley?”
B: “I often wonder what’s the point.”
M: “The point of what?”
B: “Everything.”
M: “That’s fucking specific. You're like the goddamn Specific Ocean.”
B: “Like when waves crash against the sand or when trees grow leaves and then drop them for winter only to grow them again in spring or when a person gets so mutilated you can only identify them by their teeth. Doesn’t that make you wonder?”
M: “Wonder what?”
B: “What’s the point of everything.”
M: “No.”
M: “We can’t be far off, Barkley. We gotta keep on pushin’.”
B: “Like we’re pregnant. I can see the head of the baby, let’s get the rest of it out in the open.”
M: “We’re dealing with a heinous crime, Barkley, not childbirth. You need to work on your analogies.”
B: “There’s no time. Actually, there is time and it’s of the essence.”
M: “We found some old bodies. Similar MO.”
B: “Damn. Let’s go through the old records. And I’m not talking Frank Sinatra.”
M: “Never been a fan anyway.”
M: “We should call this in. Get back up.”
B: “OK. But there’s no time to wait. Call it in and let’s go. They can jump the sinking ship if they notice the leaks.”
M: “What’s that mean?”
B: “They’ll run.”
M: “We know you’re here! Come the fuck out!"
M: “Barkley? Barkley???”

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