Wednesday, May 14, 2014


She is strong. Not physically as she is of typical, beautiful feminine frame. She is mentally strong. Her mental muscles are flexed and display tremendous power. They are giving away a sense of raw determination and unquestionable persistence. They are not to be trifled with. 

She is strong. She has the strength far superior to many. She has the will and ambition capable of carrying her through the highs and lows, breaking down the walls and kicking down the doors. Her drive is second to none and even in times of doubt she is always finding a way out.

She is strong. Her sight is immaculate as she sees what she wants to achieve right in front of her. The path is laid before her eyes by her mind and she knows she has to follow it. She knows she is going to follow it. She wants to. It is a goal and whenever there is a goal it is always reached.

She is strong. Her imagination is able to create captivating images in her head and her talents are there to give birth to them in the form of art. She has found the power and bravery to be vulnerable to beauty and her observational abilites are formidable enough to present her with fresh ideas, granting her the ability to produce new, fascinating things.

She is strong. She is strong enough to enjoy what she is doing. Instead of various tasks becoming mundane she is always performing what seems to be a bath in a fountain of fun. Instead of boredom and mental fatigue she walks into pockets of inspiration that are filled with freshness and discovery. 

She is strong. She has the strength to hope and to put trust in others. She is capable of love and capable of being deeply loved. Her presence is magnetic and makes those around them aware of her. She may not realize it yet but she is important to some of the people and she will become important to many more.

She is strong. Those people will care for her always and will await her new creations and follow her on her path. Those creations will constantly improve as she develops herself and her skills. She has the support and belief of people who know she will succeed as she is simply bound to. 

She is strong. Many talents are wasted but hers will not be. Even when she takes a break and feels lack of confidence she collects herself and comes back stronger than ever. She becomes reinforced with creativity and resolve to carry on and express her strength and imagination through the fruits of her labor. 

She is strong. She has proven that many times before to everyone in her life. One day she will prove it to herself and she will realize why exactly everyone knew what she will become. She will understand the resonance she carries as success and acclaim quickly encompass her world. Her strength will be rewarded.

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