Friday, May 9, 2014

Not only gin but also juice!

Someone once told me
There was a lot of drama in the L.B.C
But when I arrived there
It was awfully quiet. 
Nobody was playing percussions.
I was lied to.

He also implied
It was difficult being him
Yet he somehow kept coming up with things
I was suspicious and I found him out.
Asked him if he was coming up
When he was walking downstairs.

The same person boasted
There was a party jumping
Because his mother wasn't home
And when I asked him which party
He looked confused.
They were Democrats, by the way. 

Someone once told me
He's got bitches in the living room
But when I went down to check it out
They were all dead.
It wasn't much of a living room.
I'd say it was a dead end.

He also added that
Said bitches were not leaving until 6 a.m.
Which was a gamble on his part
Because what if we picked up the bodies
And took them out at 5.45 a.m.?
He'd look a fool and a liar.

Then he told us to turn off the lights
And close the doors
After we turned off the lights
We tried to close the doors.
It turned out impossible
They had split up in '72.

Someone once told me
He had his mind on his money
And his money on his mind
I wasn't impressed.
It didn't bother me.
I didn't mind it, I've seen that money times.

The same person said
And I quote:
"You got to get yours and I got to get mine"
He didn't specify though
Whether it was iron or coal.
If the latter - he could join the coalition.

A man once admitted he was suffering
He had some sort of chronic pain
That made him choke
And it was serious
I told him he could cure it
With medical marijuana.

Someone once told me
His friend brought some female companions
To serve him without a cherry on top
Which puzzled me.
There was no cakes anyway.
And there was plenty of seats.

Last time I saw him
He was rolling down the streets
Smoking something resembling a cigarette
And sipping on gin and juice
To a great dissatisfaction
Of ethnic minorities.

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