Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Strawberries are outstanding. They definitely stand out and are infinitely tasty. Their taste is sweet like a sweet fruit and makes your body shiver in spasms of pleasure. It massages the erogenous zones of the palate giving orgasms with its quality texture and vast experience in the field. The field is a place where they grow up and through experience they acquire a texture so nice and sweet and pleasurable and warm like a sun.

Sun is very important to strawberries and strawberries are trying to be best pals with it. They smile at the sun and bask in its glow sunbathing and reaching their ultimate color - red. Red's not dead, it's still one of the best colors and strawberries are very happy to wear it. They try green and white first but, come on, red is the way to go.

Red, ripe, beautiful strawberries are wonderful and lovely like a balcony with a view of the ocean. An ocean of strawberries, no less, as they are consumed in large quantities all over the world. World loves strawberries and eats them a lot making itself a better place. That's just the way it should be.

There are many ways to eat a strawberry. You can eat them fresh like a pair of new sneakers, 'raw' because you can't say strawberry without 'raw' or you can prepare them like a boxing champion before facing a challenger to the title. Kick-ass strawberries kick ass and knock people out unconscious with their flavor and style. World Fruit Council champions. World's Tastiest Fruit, now official. Respect.

There are many other respectable ways to utilize strawberries in fruit industry. You can make a tasty strawberry juice and drink it through a straw and it is berry tasty, if you pardon the pun. Pardon is a french word and strawberries were first bred in France, in the XVIII century which is a long time ago unless you are a titan and have lived forever then it might not seem a long time ago. Many people aren't titans though and are happy to enjoy strawberries also in pies and ice creams and milkshakes and chocolates. Strawberry milkshakes are better than others and they bring clients to ice cream parlors and restaurants.

Strawberries are beautiful like a woman and have all the curves in right places. They are far superior to butterflies who first have to become caterpillars. Strawberries are born as flowers! How wonderful would it be to be born a flower and not a screaming baby covered in blood and vernix caseosa. Once I wished I was born a strawberry but then I remember I'd get eaten, no lie.

Lying and deception is possibly the only flaw of strawberries but it is justifiable by circumstances. The lie here is that strawberries aren't actually berries, they are an accessory fruit. But such were the circumstances in XVIII century France and the French Revolution that strawberries were forced to change their name to avoid prosecution which is justifiable. Strawberries as accessory fruit serve as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and purses. Strawberries are no longer pursued by French Revolution and now live happily like a puppy at bitch's tit.

The conclusion is that strawberries are stellar like stars and fantastic like fantasy while remaining real like reality. They're not good, they're not better, they're the best. Better than the rest and all that jazz, blues and progressive rock. Strawberries rock my world and yours as well. Well played, strawberries, well played.

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