Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Found It

I was looking for a way to put my pen to paper
I was walking all the roads just to find that place, huh
My boots all worn out, my mind couldn’t be made up
When I thought I reached the goal, it told me “see ya later”
The sun didn’t help, always shining in my eyes
The wind was a snag, slowing movement of my thighs
But I kept on moving, I never stopped walking
Stumbled many times and drank oceans of coffee
I was lost in a maze, I was lost, often fazed
Blind alleys in my head, I created such a space
My mind’s creativity was misdirected
Misconstrued, often defected
Now I’m trying to get my style perfected
Get inside ya head and make ya brain infected
Can see the statue of my rhymes being erected
With your votes for the presidency elected.

Back up to the moment when I finally found the Grail
A sight for sore eyes after numerous derails
Found the right track to follow without fail
Fire burning hot, free to tell my tale.
No more pain, no more grief, a sigh of relief
No longer oxygen's thief I embraced the belief
First step to my dreams, reached and achieved
But it's just the beginning, you'll quickly see
As I develop and nurture the almighty skill
Obtain ancient techniques of operatin' the quill
Wranglin' between my rhymes like a crafty eel
Testing strength of mind and power of will
Constructin' collages of images of rhyming syllables
Piecing together things both explosive and beautiful
Climbing towers effusive all the way to the ceiling
Bursting through, experiencing unforgettable feelings.

Follow me on this journey, it's an invitation
A never-ending grand ball, call off your vacation
Wear a nice dress, you know the address
Let's dance a tango of rhymes, relax, no stress
Forget all the pains of your everyday life
This is a room of joy, not fields of strife
Strike a match, ignite, and fly so high
Embrace the light of the day and the darkness of night
Revel in the moment, be a part of the style
A pioneer of the art, it really ain't hard
Once you open your eyes and open your heart
Open your ears and hear sounds from afar
Distant noises that at first don't make much sense
I'll help you understand, give me a chance
Lemme guide you on the path, with creation romance
Make it the way in which the world we'll enhance.

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