Sunday, March 22, 2015


She's always there. Even though you can rarely catch a fleeting glimpse of her. Hidden in the finer points of the night. Dressed in darkness.

She's never said a word yet somehow speaks to you. Uses language that has no words but is full of meaning. Evokes a mental response. Awakens.

She's turning sounds that don't exist into audible breath of a morning breeze. She's well aware you're longing for this soothing relief. She delivers.

She's an ocean you sink into. Impenetrable depths of green. Can't begin to guess what lies beyond. Can't imagine.

She's cold fire. She consumes you yet your body and mind remain unscorched. She lits you up as if you were a solitary beacon stood at the brink of a cliffside. Pulls you back.

She's leading you somewhere. You're crawling in desperate search of her subtle footsteps. Hypnotized. Spellbound. You don't panic. She won't let you.

She knows you'll find them. Find her. It's inevitable.

What's the deal with her? Is it all just a game? To her? Is she real? Is any of this even real? Are you...

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