Monday, December 22, 2014

Bar Fi...Party!

Walked into a bar and sat down
Said "I'll have a drink"
They looked at me like something was not right
'Spose they knew my deal
"What you can have is a fist to the face"
They said and gathered 'round
Guess they haven't forgotten the last time
Blood stilly dry under heels
Still dry under their heels

Had to do it all over again
Pulled a switchblade from my shoe
The tall one charged at me, furiously
I dodged and turned and cut his cheek

Bored I sighed and let my guard down
Fat one caught my arm
"What happened, boy, I thought you were faster"
He hissed through missing teeth
I said, "No, my friend, I'm just getting started"
And I broke his fucking wrist
Swear everyone else joined in after that one
Welcome back, Miss Deja Vu

Guess I wasn't gonna get my drink

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